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Protecting things our customers cherish and solve their annoyance has always been the original intention of CHOOSE NanoTech.


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CHOOSE has many well-known cases

The masterpiece sculpture “The Thinker” collected by Modern Art Museum of Asia University, the engineering miracle “Hsuehshan Tunnel,” the marble sculptures outside of “Chimei Museum” and the “SUBARU Racing Team” are all CHOOSE clients domestically and internationally. As the experience continues to grow, we have further knowledge of customers’ needs and provide comprehensive protection.


“The world does not lacks beauty, but the proper protection of it.”

Redefine protection

CHOOSE continues to develop the world's leading technologies to expand coating application to our daily lives and provide a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

Choose surpasses other brands by these 12 technologies

CHOOSE protects the materials for you

The high-performance coatings produced by CHOOSE NanoTech can be applied to various materials, allowing us to provide diversified service for companies in various fields, so that they can protect the things that they cherish. This is the unchanged original intention of CHOOSE NanoTech since the beginning.


The three exclusive technologies of CHOOSE coatings

Technological innovation is the cornerstone of the company’s sustainable development, and it is also the persistence of CHOOSE NanoTech since its beginning. Technological development cannot be completed overnight. CHOOSE inherits the experience of the semiconductor industry, sets up laboratories with the highest specifications in the industry, introduces the world’s most advanced instruments, and develops the core competitiveness of the company.

After decades of hard work, continuous breakthroughs and innovations, CHOOSE NanoTech take advantages of exclusive revolutionary bonding technology (RBT), liquid ceramic technology (LCT) and chemically strengthened ceramic technology (CST) to produce high transparency, high hardness, ultra-thin film and ultra-wear-resistant high-performance coatings.

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The only choice for coating. Make an appointment online to order your own customized service. Whether it is DuralBond Industrial Coating, KubeBond Automotive Coating, CeraLiv Residential Coating, there will be a dedicated 24hr service for you, and CHOOSE NanoTech will protect things you cherish.