CHOOSE protects solar panels and improve the production of energy

With the development of society, people’s demand for energy has become higher. The most common energy generation methods often have irreparable consequences for the environment. However, just by raising our heads to the sky we can see that we don’t lack energy: the sun is our precious power generator. However, the efficiency of solar power is always questioned, and CHOOSE is giving a great solution to improve the production of energy, so that you can look for CHOOSE’s help.


The difficulty of maintaining good efficiency

Solar panels’ energy conversion is around 20% of efficiency in the testing room’s optimal conditions. However, in normal conditions, the actual generation of electricity hardly reaches 15% of efficiency. When it is stained, the solar panels efficiency will be affected. You might think that daily cleaning is enough to keep the solar panels efficient. However, many parts of the world, especially the South African countries in the desert environment, suffer from the lack of water resources. Therefore, how to balance between power generation and maintenance, is the issue that renewable energy must face.


CHOOSE provide energy saving and long term protection

CHOOSE is also a part of this society and uses our solid R&D capabilities to contribute to renewable energy. Our weather resistant coatings form a transparent and smooth protective film on the solar panel. We overcome the discoloration problem of traditional coating by always staying transparent, and by maintaining a strong degree of protection. This ensures solar panels regular functioning; even if dirt sticks on the surface affecting energy production efficiency, the littlest cleaning effort can bring the solar panel back to the best conditions. Moreover, during the rainy season, CHOOSE coatings can achieve a self-cleaning effect. The rain will simply wash away the dirt.


Complete protection with CHOOSE

CHOOSE is able to greatly reduce the cost of cleaning and maintain the best power generation efficiency for a longer period of time. The solar panels which are continuously exposed to the sun need CHOOSE’s protection.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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