No more worries about outdoor installation art being harmed by weather

CHOOSE is the awarded coating service provider for Chimei Museum. We offer coating applications to Apollo Fountain and sculptures on the Olympus Bridge. CHOOSE’s coating helps installation art avoid stains from exposure to the sun and rain, as well as making cleaning assignments easier for our clients.

Preservation is the biggest challenge for outdoor installation arts

Many outdoor installations in Taiwan endure irreversible damages due to high levels of temperature, humidity, and salinity. As a result, museums or owners of art installations spend excessive time and money on preservation and maintenance.

Easy to clean and maintain. No more concerns of acid rain and scorching sunlight

CHOOSE has developed a series of coating materials focusing on outdoor crafts. The features of our product include, improving weather resistance, allowing the cleaning process to be easier, and being highly transparent. CHOOSE installation arts coating prevents oxidation and corrosion from harming the appearance of art works, saves money and time for our clients.

CHOOSE is the shield of artists’ masterpieces

DuralBond not only protects items from the influence of humidity, but also holds seamlessly onto the surface. It wards off oxidation and stains, achieving the goal of self-cleaning. Only simple regular cleaning assignments are required for the appearance of installation arts to remain perfect.

High performance anti-stain

Protecting art works from damages of outdoor factors

Protecting art works from damages of outdoor factors

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