The best protection for solar panels and wind turbines 

Renewable energy experts spare no effort to increase the efficiency of power generation, because CHOOSE supports our clients and makes sure that they make ends meet. 

To improve power generation efficiency, machines must first function properly

The costs of functioning normally are high. For instance, wind turbines are often installed at sea and exposed to high levels of salinity and heat. The corrosion process is then accelerated, reducing the service life of the turbine. As for solar panels, removing stains on the panels is a must to improve their efficiency. In spite of this, nations that use solar power frequently experience water shortages, making cleaning with water more of a luxury than a chore. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the renewable energy industry is in search of easy and convenient ways to get rid of stains and rusting.


CHOOSE not only offers protection but also the ability to self-clean

Being aware of our clients’ needs, CHOOSE has developed stainless nano-coating that is highly transparent . Not only does our product lower the cleaning costs, it also achieves self-cleaning whenever it rains. Furthermore, due to its transparency, our coating material improves the efficiency. CHOOSE’s nano-coating doesn’t fall off or change color under the scorching sunlight and provides stable and lasting protection for our clients.


The widespread use of renewable energies is CHOOSE's goal as a social enterprise

As the world faces climate changes, air pollution, and risks of nuclear accidents, the momentum to develop renewable energies has reached its peak. As a member of this planet, CHOOSE has high hopes that our coating technology can provide assistance in the renewable energy industry , getting everyone to arrive at a win-win situation in terms of cost performance. CHOOSE aims to minimize the harm to the earth and hopes that everyone in Taiwan and in the world can enjoy sufficient energy from renewable sources.


3 main features of DuralBond renewable energy coating

In the most energy saving way, CHOOSE helps renewable energies maximize their generation efficiency


Easy to clean



Achieve self-cleaning



Enhance energy generation efficiency


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