Exclusive drag reduction technology allows you to outrun anyone


In motorsports, 0.01 second could be the key to winning

In motorsports, everyone is eager to outrun others, and even when winning by 0.01second, a racer can be showered in fame and honor on the other side of the finish line. Decades ago, engineers of Airbus discovered that sharks were able to be crowned as the top predator in the ocean because of the special structure of their skin. This feature has helped sharks withstand resistance in the water for them to be as fast as lightning. Inspired by sharks, engineers contemplated on ways to apply the same mechanism to planes, vessels, and vehicles. Unfortunately, due to technological constraints back then, the goal of the engineers became an unrealized dream.

CHOOSE has cracked the secret and developed the most innovative wind resistance coating

With recent technological breakthroughs, CHOOSE has been able to overcome obstacles and develop coatings that reduce resistance from wind. Having been tested by NCKU Astrc Wind Tunnel Lab, who was also in charge of testing Taipei 101’s drag coefficient, CHOOSE’s product is proven to be supportive to race cars, not only improving aerodynamic performance, but also reducing wind resistance by utmost 5 percent.

Be one step ahead with the support from CHOOSE DRS coating

CHOOSE has developed a special coating, Drag Reduction System Coating(DRS), focusing on race cars. Not only is DRS coating water repellent, it also reduces wind resistance. We offer motorsports racers better visibility, allowing them to react faster and make accurate decisions. Applying CHOOSE’s coating is like turning on F1 race cars’ DRS system, bringing the performance of the vehicle to the next level.

Reduces drag coefficient

Better visibility

Faster speed

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