CHOOSE protects your equipment and improves corrosion resistance

Cleaning may lead to equipment impairment, but CHOOSE extends its service life for you.

Strong acids and alkalis corrode equipment and vehicles of heavy industry

Prevention is imperative in heavy industry, because it avoids additional costs. Purchasing equipment is already expensive, so if a complex production line accidentally shuts down, the additional costs may be unbearable for companies. This is why companies in heavy industry seek ways to protect their equipment in extreme environments and prevent accidents from happening.

High performance protection: No more worrying about strong acids, alkalis and high temperature

CHOOSE manufactures a series of special coatings focusing on protecting equipment, machines, and vehicles in heavy industry. The features of our special coatings include strong acids, alkalis protection and weather resistance, and they are also easy to clean. With our product, equipment and vehicles can avoid oxidation and corrosion. Furthermore, our special coatings allow equipment to withstand heat up to 1800 degree Celsius. On top of that, CHOOSE’s product won’t fall off in extreme environments, reducing maintenance expenses for our clients, and extending service life of the equipment.

Three main features of DuralBond equipment coating

DuralBond not only helps the equipment in the industry to withstand strong acids, alkalis, and high temperature, but also helps achieve the goal of equipment being self-cleaning and easy to clean. More importantly, after 1008 hours of salt spray testing in the lab, CHOOSE has proven that the high performance protection of our coating lasts even when exposed to extreme environments.

Withstands strong acids and alkalis

Extends service life of equipment

Does not fall off because of high temperature

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