CHOOSE provides acid and alkali resistance protection for at least 10 years

Linkou Wastewater Treatment Plant is responsible for treating industrial wastewater discharged from the factories in Linkou Industrial Park. It treats wastewater to meet national discharge standards, with a maximum discharge capacity of 600 cubic meters per day. Industrial wastewater contains strong acids and alkalis, which cause many machines to suffer from wastewater damage and corrosion problems. However, wastewater is generated every day, and to replace the equipment, the plant would have to shut down temporarily. That would have a significant impact on Linkou Industrial Park. As a result, the plant director had been looking for better ways to protect the equipment from corrosion. He hoped that CHOOSE’s industrial coatings could be of real help.  

CHOOSE gives the best protection against strong acidic and alkaline 

Many machines at Linkou Wastewater Treatment Plant are made of metal. When metal parts are first manufactured, they are coated with industrial coatings for surface protection. However, the continuous erosion of strong acidic and alkaline wastewater causes the original protective layer to lose its protective power. Corrosion and other problems then occur, and wastewater treatment efficiency is greatly reduced. In addition, manufacturers need to spend a lot of time and money to refurbish the equipment, which is also quite disturbing.


CHOOSE spares metal equipment from corrosion problems 

CHOOSE industrial coatings prevent strong acids and alkalis from remaining on industrial machinery. CHOOSE NanoTech has always been striving to develop better products to give customers the best protection. The challenge of metal protection is that whenever the surface comes into contact with strong acids and alkalis, it begins to corrode, causing significant degradation in equipment performance. CHOOSE coatings have passed the 1008 hours of salt spray test by SGS, proving that our coatings can protect metals for more than 42 days under extreme environmental conditions. If converted to protection in the natural environment, the protection effect can last for more than ten years, achieving once-and-for-all protection. That’s why we were able to take on the case of Linkou Wastewater Treatment Plant. We have full confidence in protecting industrial machinery from corrosion, and we have proven it with facts: Since our coating treatment, the plant’s industrial machinery has been freed from corrosion problems. 


Solving problems is the motivation of continuous researching and developing 

CHOOSE has the most professional R&D teams and research facilities. After understanding our customers’ needs, we can provide them with the best products and services. Solving problems for our customers is the fundamental reason why CHOOSE keeps making progress.