CHOOSE easily solves the rusting issues of bearing

Bearing might not be a familiar vocabulary to you. However, bearing is a crucial component of all engines. It greatly increases the efficiency and the durability of the machine. Without the bearing, the machine loses the stability and will be hard to operate. One thing really troubles the component is the rusting problem. To prevent the rusting issue, pre-treatment become an important role and this is why the bearing needs CHOOSE’s help.


The small bearing plays huge role


 The reason why bearing comes to CHOOSE is that as the camera drone has become more and more popular, the incidents of losing control or even fall has also growing. Despite the GPS signal issue, the bearing is also responsible for the safety of the machine. As mentioned earlier, bearing is an indispensable component of the camera drone. Without proper protection of the bearing, it might be the consequence of malfunction. As a result, the client is seeking for a perfect solution from CHOOSE NanoTech.


Long-term protection against rusting


What are the benefits of applying CHOOSE coatings? First of all, CHOOSE coating forms a transparent and ultra-thin ceramic film under room temperature, providing suitable protection without affecting the operation of the camera drone. Secondly, the nano-ceramic film blocks the outside contact of the surface which perfectly eliminate the possibility of rusting. Last but not least, the RBT technology created by CHOOSE NanoTech allows the coating to strongly adhere on the surface to increase the wear-resistance.


The best choice for precision instruments


CHOOSE understands the thickness and weight of protection is significantly important. The protection itself shouldn’t be the burden of the instrument. To provide the most suitable protection of precision instrument such as camera drone, we continue to research and develop the thinner and more effective coating. CHOOSE protects the things you cherish. Our protection is transparent, but the effectiveness is not.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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