The Guardian of airplanes and vessels

May it be in the sky or on the sea, CHOOSE is capable of exploiting advanced technology to offer the best protection for our client’s airplanes and vessels.

Aerospace and maritime, the two most difficult fields on the planet to provide surface protection

Airplanes operate in extreme environments. Often the machines need to withstand the rapid change in temperature, say flying from Singapore to Iceland, within minutes. Airplanes also have to remain intact confronting friction when moving at such a high speed in the air. The friction between the surface of an airplane and air molecules results in metal fatigue and coating falling off. This leads to high maintenance and labor cost, which are necessary expenses to avoid tragic accidents.

In the maritime field, due to high levels of salinity, humidity, and biofouling, many problems need to be addressed. For instance, the rusting process of the metal parts on the water line is accelerated due to the extreme environment. Also the surface of the ship hull becomes rougher because of biofouling, not only damaging the bottom of the ship, but also resulting in lower efficiency and higher fuel consumption.

Effective and Sustainable: CHOOSE, the best protective coating

Concerned about the obstacles our clients may face in the field of aerospace, CHOOSE has developed a high performance aerospace protective coating. Our product coats the airplane with an ultra thin layer of transparent nano ceramic film, protecting the surface of the airplane with its extreme hradness. Furthermore, not only is the smooth surface of the coating easier to clean, it is also effective in reducing friction and fuel consumption.

In the maritime field, CHOOSE takes care not only of the appearance above the water line, but also the protection under the water line. Our coating material keeps corrosion and damage from high levels of salinity at bay, and avoids biofouling which slows down the speed of the ship and leads to higher fuel consumption. Furthermore, CHOOSE’s product is certified by IMO and SGS. As an advocate of sustainability, we hope to replace toxic paints that are used on the bottom of the boat and protect our one and only planet.

3 main features of DuralBond Aerospace Maritime Coating

May it be in the sky or in the sea, CHOOSE provides comprehensive care for our clients

Reduces fuel consumption

Offers high level of adhesion

Offers high level of adhesion

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