Check out CHOOSE, the guardian of Kenya helicopters

Helicopters are composed of various precision instruments. Therefore, large amounts of time and money are spent on carrying out maintenance when the aircraft is on the ground. The amount of effort required for maintaining is even larger in countries that have extreme weathers like Kenya. The weather affects and poses risks to helicopters during take offs and landings. Facing challenges of the weather, CHOOSE’s coating plays the role of protecting aircrafts from the threats of the weather. CHOOSE secures visibility for the pilot, and addresses worries about rusting and corrosion problems so as to guarantee a safe flight. 


Despite influences of the climate of inland desert, CHOOSE makes it easier to clean choppers 

In desert regions, everything is covered with sand on the surface, and helicopters are no exception. The covering sand takes its toll on the visibility of the pilot and even causes malfunctions of the machineries, sabotaging the safety of the flight. To fix the problem, CHOOSE offers the best solution. With CHOOSE’s unique RBT technology, coating materials don’t fall when traveling at high speed. Furthermore, LCT technology sets up a smooth ceramic protective layer on the surface of the helicopter, keeping stains at bay. After the application of CHOOSE’s product, not only is the time required for maintenance and cleaning reduced, pilots are also granted crystal clear vision to ensure a safe journey.   


High level of temperature and humidity pose rusting challenges  

Aside from inland desert, the climate of Kenya’s coasts is humid and hot. Such condition also leads to more challenging environment for helicopters, because the possibility of encountering rusting problems is higher. Furthermore, raining blocks the eye sight of the pilots, resulting in dangerous flights. With CHOOSE’s coatings, however, all the aforementioned obstacles can be easily dealt with. With CHOOSE’s transparent, ultra-thin ceramic protective film, the rusting resistance of the aircrafts is improved. In addition, the exterior and the glass of the helicopters become water repellent after the application of our product. In brief, CHOOSE helps secure the visibility and safety for the flight.  


CHOOSE makes it easier to apply protection in extreme weathers 

Clients in Kenya collaborate with CHOOSE, for our aircraft coating makes everything easier for helicopters in extreme weathers. CHOOSE allows helicopters to withstand rusting and to be easy to clean, turning maintenance jobs into simple tasks.  


CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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