CHOOSE protects yachts without polluting the ocean

Taiwan is the leading country that manufactures yachts in Asia. In spite of manufacturing numerous high quality yachts, Taiwanese yacht companies still receive requests from yacht owners to extend the service lives of the vessels. This is when CHOOSE comes in. CHOOSE’s antifouling coating material not only extends periodic maintenance schedules, but also offers comprehensive care to the equipment on board. In addition to achieving longer service lives of the yachts, CHOOSE prevents anything from damaging the precious yachts. 


CHOOSE gives out a revolutionary antifouling choice 

In the past, the bottom of the vessels were covered by paints that contained heavy metal. The goal was to prevent biofouling by releasing toxic substances into the water to poison bacterias. Unfortunately, the ocean was contaminated as well. To get out of the dilemma, yacht companies came to CHOOSE for solutions. With CHOOSE’s coating, periodic maintenance schedules for repainting and rusting removals were extended and oceans were free from toxic substances from heavy metal.  


CHOOSE also protects leather sofas and the wooden floor  

When yacht companies came to CHOOSE for collaboration, they asked us whether coating materials could be applied to leather sofas and the wooden floor aside from the bottom of the yacht. The reply was absolutely positive. The comprehensive care is suitable for anything on board, allowing the equipment on the yacht to stay perfect.  


We protect yachts and our planet 

The reason that yacht companies asked CHOOSE for assistance is because we are capable of setting up protection for vessels and protecting the environment. Certified by SGS, REACH, and IMO, CHOOSE is guaranteed as the guardian for you, our homes, and our planet.  

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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