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Delicate items require specific protection. CHOOSE brings your imagination of protection into reality.

How can delicate items avoid being stained?

Additional costs are required consistently to protect luxurious items and metal in our everyday life. For example, the traditional paint that protects copper tubes of air-conditioning compressors results in the increase of environmental costs; meanwhile, luxurious items like accessories lead to extra protection fee to secure their quality appearance.  Furthermore, protecting them isn’t easy, because only few products in the market are able to offer high performance protection without damaging the coated items. Even if the products achieve the mentioned two goals, the effect of protection won’t last long and chances of discoloration exist. This is why people renew protection for luxurious products or metal and keep receiving maintenance bills.


CHOOSE guards valuable and meaningful things for you

CHOOSE dedicates itself in offering advanced coating technology to cater to our clients’ needs. We are fully aware of clients’ needs in protecting the surface of substrates like stainless steel and stones, maintaining the condition of luxurious accessories or indoor renovation, and even preserving artworks like calligraphy. With coating technologies such as LCT and RBT, CHOOSE is able to pull off the aforementioned tasks which others may consider impossible. We offer highly transparent coating material that does not affect the touch feeling of the substrate. Moreover, not only does our product strengthen the bond between coating and substrates, but also prolongs the effect of protection. CHOOSE aims to become the shield for your expensive and luxurious goods, and safeguard the memorable but fragile crafts.


3 main features of DuralBond

CHOOSE’s leading technology creates protection that is beyond your imagination.

Satisfying clients’ personal needs


Lowering costs for maintaining the condition of delicate items


Extending the service life of the delicate items


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