CHOOSE has safer protection for air-conditioning pipes


In summer time, air conditioning is crucial in a subtropical climate like Taiwan. The weather is extremely humid and hot all the time, which makes you sweat all day long. That’s why we need air conditioning so much. However, do you know that the copper pipe that protects the carriage of refrigerant actually harms the environment? CHOOSE coating gives you a more environment-friendly and long-lasting way of copper pipe protection.


Transparent and eco-friendly coating is the new trend

Copper rusts and oxidizes easily, and just a bit of rust on the pipe wall is enough to cause the spill of refrigerant. This will not only result in the refrigerant to be filled again, but also in frequent maintenance cost. In the past, air conditioning copper pipes used metallic paint for anti-rust treatment which contains heavy metal elements. However, due to the increased awareness toward environment protection, manufacturers understood the damages of heavy metals to the environment. Therefore, they started looking for more environment-friendly and safer ways of protection.


 CHOOSE passed the strictest international certifications

Manufacturers are seeking new ways of protection, and thus ask CHOOSE’s help. Thanks to our exclusive technology, CHOOSE is able to provide customized coating services to meet clients’ needs. We use LCT technology, which high-transparency ceramic film perfectly covers the substrate. This maintains the copper pipes’ original appearance. CHOOSE cares about product effectiveness and safeness; other than passing the SGS 1008 hours of salt-spray test which proves coatings’ anti-corrosion properties, we also reached the EU REACH high-specification standards. This proves that CHOOSE coatings not only withstand sun exposure, but also specific areas like in proximity of the ocean, or the hot spring area Beitou subjected to acid substance damages. CHOOSE coatings not only ensure that no toxic substances are released in the environment, but also maintain good protection for a long time.


Additional cost to improve your quality of living

No matter if CHOOSE coatings are used, customers’ demand for air conditioning protection can still be satisfied.  The usage of new nano ceramic coatings over traditional metallic paints actually has a higher cost. However, the reason why manufacturers started using CHOOSE coatings is to reduce heavy metal’s harm to the environment. CHOOSE provides safer and long lasting coatings to create a better quality of living.


CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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