Protect buildings and building materials with the best shield

CHOOSE offers instant post-construction protection, improving weather resistance and making the surface of the buildings easier to maintain.

The biggest enemy to construction works: natural environment

Buildings have always been human beings’ shelter against natural disruptions, but that doesn’t mean buildings are invulnerable to the influences of the environment. Exposure to strong winds, heavy rains, and high temperature stains the walls and damages the buildings, let alone mentioning even more severe impacts when facing “more toxic enemies”. For instance, salt damage in coastal areas and acid rain from factory pollution pose greater destruction to the appearance of the buildings, causing corrosion to metals and even stainless steel. For the sake of the survival of our allies, let CHOOSE protect the buildings with our coating technology for you.


Easy to clean and maintain. No more worries about exposure to acid rain and scorching sunlight

CHOOSE has developed a series of specific coating materials focusing on protecting buildings. Our product improves buildings’ weather resistance without making a single change to the appearance of the building. In addition, the exterior of the building becomes easier to clean after coating application. Not only does our coating help avoid oxidation and corrosion, it also reduces cost. CHOOSE construction coating saves maintenance expenses and labor forces for our clients, at the same time securing the building’s post-construction appearance.


3 main features of DuralBond construction works coating

DuralBond is not only highly transparent, but also water-repellent. Our product helps achieve the goal of self-cleaning without changing the appearance of the building. In addition, CHOOSE’s coating offers comprehensive protection, improving anti-stain, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. Meanwhile, through ageing tests, CHOOSE has proven that DuralBond safeguards substrates from pollution and humidity, and at the same time maintains high performance protection even exposed to the scorching sunlight.

Weather resistance, withstand exposure to the sun

Rusting resistance, maintain the appearance of the building

Corrosion resistance, extend service life of the building

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