CHOOSE keeps UNIQLO’s exterior walls white

UNIQLO Ximen Store is the largest flagship store of UNIQLO in Taiwan. The pure white walls are the most representative feature of UNIQLO. This simple but high-quality design gives customers a sense of tranquility before they enter the store. As a result, customers can shop in a pleasant mood. However, the pure white walls require lots of cleaning, as the slightest dirt can be very visible. This was a big problem for UNIQLO, so they turned to CHOOSE to help them with the exterior wall protection work. 


Taiwan’s climate cause Inevitable damage 

The climate in Taiwan is very harsh. Scorching sunlight deteriorates the paint surface, while high humidity causes the paint to flake. In winter, haze also erodes the exterior walls and makes them lose their luster. This not only gives consumers the impression of “being old” but also affects the brand image. Therefore, UNIQLO often spent a lot of money on repainting to keep the exterior walls clean. 


CHOOSE to solve their white wall maintenance problem 

UNIQLO learned from our website that our products can effectively solve their problems, so they contacted us. We told UNIQLO that the climatic conditions in Taiwan are not always a disadvantage. Our coating could take advantage of Taiwan’s rainy climate. When it rains, the dirt that adheres to the coating surface can be “self-cleaned” by the rain on rainy days. This could help them save cleaning costs.  


CHOOSE has professional R&D teams and capabilities 

How could CHOOSE undertake UNIQLO’s case? That’s because CHOOSE has professional R&D teams. Our laboratory equipment is of the highest standard in the industry, and we have invested a great deal of manpower and costs in research and development. This allows us to create a diverse range of products. In addition, we have accumulated many years of experience in the industry. Therefore, we can fully understand customers’ needs and provide services that best meet their needs, creating a win-win situation. 


CHOOSE provides multiple properties coatings 

UNIQLO’s signature feature is the pure white exterior walls, and dirty walls can leave a bad visual impression on customers. But with CHOOSE coatings, this is not a problem. Our coating has excellent anti-stain properties. By forming a protective film over the white walls, it prevents dirt and stain from coming into contact with the white paint. Since the dirt and stain adhere only to the protective film, they can be washed off directly on rainy days. This can reduce the cleaning work of the store. 

In addition, CHOOSE coatings have passed the aging test by SGS. It proves that our coatings will not deteriorate due to long exposure to sunlight and cause the original white walls to turn yellow. This has solved a long-standing problem of our customer. 


Seeing is believing—CHOOSE can provide you with the most authentic protection 


After the coating treatment, we keep in touch with UNIQLO. With the protection of our coating, UNIQLO does not need to clean the exterior walls every season; they only need to do annual maintenance at the end of the year. This saves them a lot of time and cost, and eliminates the hassle of having to repaint the walls frequently. 

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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