CHOOSE protects Adiyogi Shiva from corrosion

CHOOSE coatings are popularly sold in more than 100 countries, and India, the second-most populous country in the world. Buddhism is the second largest religion in India, and Buddhist-related artifacts are given special protection. Adiyogi Shiva statue is the largest bronze statue in India and the largest in the world in terms of chest circumference. Hence, the Indian government hopes to protect the bronze statue from corrosion by CHOOSE installation art coatings.  



Rusted metal is hard to restore 

Adiyogi Shiva statue has a unique luster because it is made of metal. When it was first manufactured, it was protected with some industrial coatings for surface protection. However, the frequent rain and long sun exposure caused the original protective layer to peel off, resulting in corrosion, oxidation, and other problems. This not only seriously affected the appearance but also caused this Buddha statue to lose its original glory. 



CHOOSE protects the Buddha Statue from oxidation and rusting 


With the protection of CHOOSE installation art coatings, the Buddha statue is protected from external environmental factors. For CHOOSE, giving our customers the best protection has always been the reason why we are so committed to research and development. The challenge of metal protection is that with the slightest contact with air, the surface would begin to oxidize and corrode, causing the metal to lose its luster. To maintain the original beauty of the metal, CHOOSE NanoTech utilizes the exclusive RBT technology to provide the coating with extremely strong adhesion through chemical bonding. It prevents coatings from peeling off from the smooth metal surface. CHOOSE NanoTech also uses LCT technology to completely cover the metal surface with liquidized ceramic so that the surface will not rust due to contact with air. The two exclusive techniques effectively prevent the metal from rusting. That’s why we were able to take on the case of the Adiyogi Shiva statue; we are confident that we can protect the bronze statue from corrosion problems. 


Not Only Anti-rust but Also Anti-corrosion 


Many products on the market are rust-resistant, but can they resist corrosion and be highly transparent at the same time? This is where CHOOSE is different from others. CHOOSE’s professional laboratory has been researching, experimenting and developing exclusive technologies. We have created professional coatings that are not only rust-resistant but also acid and alkali-resistant, which gives outdoor facilities the ability to withstand the weather. How do we prove that the coatings are weather resistant? By SGS’s 1008 hours salt spray test, of course. CHOOSE coatings have passed the test, proving that they can protect metals for more than 42 days under the condition where oxidation can easily occur. If converted to protection in the natural environment, the protection effect can last for more than ten years, achieving once-and-for-all protection. This is why CHOOSE is sold in over 100 countries worldwide and is deeply trusted by our customers. We can provide our customers with outstanding protection and stand up to third-party inspection. 



Solving problems is the driving force 

CHOOSE has the most professional R&D teams and research facilities. After understanding our customers’ needs, we will provide them with the best products and services. Solving problems for our customers is the fundamental reason why CHOOSE keeps making progress. 

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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