Best maintenance program for precision instrument

Need acid washing but troubled by corrosion, precision instruments need CHOOSE to function normally at the lowest cost.

For the economic concern and personal safety, it is is a vital for precision instrument to function properly

Within the process of manufacturing semi-conductors, the precision instrument is exposed to strong acid, and volatile organic compounds. Such an environment poses a threat to the instrument, and the possibility of a damaged tool increases if not treated properly. Even the lightest damage causes the defective rate to rise, which results in unbearable consequences. For example, if a drone does not undergo rusting resistance process, it might fall from the sky at any moment and endanger others safety, due to misfunction of a single rusted axle.

Resistant to strong acids, alkali, and corrosive substances, CHOOSE extends the service life of precision instrument

With leading technology and abundant professional experiences, CHOOSE has developed the best protective coating for precision instruments. We are able to offer protection that traditional coatings lack and remove doubts of dissolved toxic substances from coating materials. After the coating application, factories easily achieve the goal of acids and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. On top of that, CHOOSE’s product is certified by SGS and EU REACH, proven to remain the same when exposed to corrosive compounds. For the benefit of the semi-conductor industry, CHOOSE frees the manufacturing process from the threats by exposure to strong acids and alkalis, and also secures a safe and toxic-free working environment for the employees. For clients who desire to see the world from different angles with drones, CHOOSE relieves the burden of frequent health checks, meanwhile extending the service life of a drone.

3 main features of DuralBond precision instrument coating

To protect substrates from strong acids and bases, CHOOSE’s coating material forms an ultra-thin layer of protection on the surface of substrates, eliminating any chances of corrosion by acidic or alkaline substances. Therefore, CHOOSE is suitable to offer necessary protection to precision instruments that cannot afford additional weight, such as drones.

Secure proper functioning

Extend service life

Lower maintenance costs

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