Home Solution

With parent company CHOOSE NanoTech over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the high-performance ceramic coating, which provide the high-hardness, transparent anti-graffiti protection. We understand all kinds of substrates’ properties to ensure the best results possible.

All begins from a simple concept “Home”.

Home is always regarded as a shelter that can protect people. However, the home is seldom being protected properly. In light of this, CeraLiv arises and aims at every aspect of home protection.

Ceraliv dedicates to solve the protection problem within the daily life we faced. We aim to offer comprehensive protection for valuable and luxurious materials by Nano-tech. Moreover, in addition to home protection; we also have many successful cases in hotels, restaurants, and commercial property. Ceraliv believes that all things deserved to be gingerly cherished and keeps it brand new.

Potential threats in the Indoor environment

People are always looking for a nice and cozy environment. Aside from durability, the material and design are important too, therefore, maintenance of these properties becomes quite a task. 

An indoor environment will slowly affect furniture and interior materials such as decorative objects and walls. It is the constant change in humidity and temperature, which could tear leather and possibly cause mold and moss to spread across a variety of materials. Other factors such as accidental scratching and daily abrasion will also slowly wear down leather, stone, metal, and other materials. Advantage of liquid glass technology Our proven technology can seal the substrate, preventing the accumulation of humidity on the substrate and air contact. The solution will also reduce surface energy, leading to a superior hydrophobic effect, which helps stop mold and moss growth. DuralBond high-performance coating up to 9H pencil hardness increases the substrate’s overall resistance from scratching and abrasion, greatly extending the durability of the furniture and interior materials. 




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