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All-round protection for automotive detailing industry.

Best protection in automotive industry

KubeBond gives the best surface protection for the automotive industry by inheriting CHOOSE’s experience in the semiconductor industry. We have overcome the bottleneck of high-standard coatings requires high-temperature heating to cure, and successfully developed and produced the world’s first automotive nano-ceramic coating. By doing so, KubeBond has set the industry’s 9H hardness standard, subverted the automotive beauty industry, and let the public know the difference between coatings and wax. We have also created specific coatings for car paint, windshield, wheel frame and car interior to provide all around protection which is popular all over the world.

All of KubeBond’s global partners have been carefully selected by CHOOSE, and they have been trained by the head office for 72 hours to learn product knowledge and application methods, and have actually implemented ten vehicles. They have passed our quality control test before they can obtain KubeBond authorization. This is the commitment to every customer who uses KubeBond coating.

Comprehensive protection

KubeBond takes advantage of our exclusive RBT and LCT technologies to strengthen the adhesion of coating and improve the hardness of the substrate. KubeBond provides all around protection for the paint surface, glass, leather, textile, plastic, rubber and other materials. Your entire car can be perfectly protected by our transparent coatings which prevent the substrate from being corroded by chemical substances and give an excellent water repellent effect. With KubeBond, your car will always maintain the most beautiful appearance.

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