The trick behind protective paints

Heavy metal is contained in a lot of protective paints available on the market, as its presence provides a good degree of protection. However, heavy metal contains toxic substances that will be released in the environment as the protective paint deteriorates. With the topic of environment protection being so important nowadays, who wants something that protects the things we love, but at the same time damages the environment?


CHOOSE is the best choice on the market to provide both solutions at the same time. Air conditioning pipes are an example; these copper pipes were protected with anti-rusting paint containing heavy metal in the past. CHOOSE coatings not only ensure that no toxic substances are released in the environment, but also maintain good protection for a long time as they can withstand sun exposure, and damages from acid substances.


Nowadays, the topic of environment protection has become very important. With both manufacturers and customers looking at more environmentally friendly ways of protection, CHOOSE is the right place to look at. All of our coatings are free from heavy metals, and EU REACH certified, which makes them harmless for humans, and the environment. 

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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