No need to repaint Hsuehshan Tunnel with CHOOSE coatings

The Hsuehshan Tunnel, the world’s largest double-tube tunnel system, was officially opened in 2006. The Tunnel has effectively solved the traffic problem in Eastern Taiwan and is an important representative of Taiwan’s infrastructure construction. However, the environment inside the Tunnel is hot and humid all year round. This can easily lead to cracks in the white paint on the tunnel walls. In addition, exhaust fumes from vehicles can stain the white walls black, affecting the visibility of road users. As a result, the Freeway Bureau, MOTC, had to spend a considerable budget every year to clean and repaint the walls.  

The Freeway Bureau had been unable to find effective solutions 

To solve the paint problem of the Hsuehshan Tunnel, the Freeway Bureau has tried various solutions since 2016. They used many protective coatings on the market, but none were effective. Therefore, for the safety of the drivers, the Bureau repainted the Tunnel walls every year and was quite troubled by this. They wondered: Aren’t there any coatings that can completely solve the paint problem? 


​​CHOOSE and Ding & Ding Management Consultants have improved the paint project 

Ding & Ding Management Consultants is a consulting firm that works with CHOOSE. Knowing that the Freeway Bureau was looking for solutions to the paint problem of the Hsuehshan Tunnel and having full confidence in CHOOSE’s products, they have applied our coating on the tunnel wall. With the cooperation of professional construction teams from both sides, the coating treatment was successfully completed. 


CHOOSE has professional R&D teams and capabilities 

How could CHOOSE undertake such a big project? That’s because CHOOSE has professional R&D teams. Our laboratory equipment is of the highest standard in the industry, and we have invested a great deal of manpower and costs in research and development. This allows us to create a diverse range of products. In addition, we have accumulated many years of experience in the industry. Therefore, we can fully understand customers’ needs and provide services that best meet their needs, creating a win-win situation. 



CHOOSE protects national transportation construction 

As mentioned earlier, vehicle emissions darken the paint of the Hsuehshan Tunnel, making annual cleaning difficult. But with CHOOSE coatings, the situation is different. Our coating has excellent anti-stain properties. By forming a protective film over the original white paint, it prevents the exhaust fumes from coming into contact with the paint surface. Since the exhaust emissions adhere only to the protective film, they can be washed off directly. Cleaning becomes easy. 

In addition, the temperature inside the Tunnel is 45-50 degrees Celsius all year round and the humidity is high. This makes the paint easy to flake off. Most coatings could not withstand the harsh environment inside the Tunnel, so they failed to provide adequate protection. But CHOOSE coatings, with the Revolution Bonding Technology and excellent heat-resistant and water-repellent properties, can still provide effective protection in such harsh environments. 


Seeing is believing—CHOOSE provide the most authentic protection 


Six months after the coating treatment, we went to the Hsuehshan Tunnel with the Freeway Bureau for an inspection. Although the walls looked black at first, after a round of cleaning, they were back to white. The Freeway Bureau was very satisfied, and we assured them that the protection could last for at least five years without the need for repainting.