Manufacturers seeking coating protection to avoid screen damage

For almost everyone, mobile phones are the most important and most frequently used precision instruments in daily life. Taking photos, listening to music, and even making payments, the mobile phone is so smart to provide you with the corresponding functions. Our lives are so closely connected with mobile phones that we might feel anxious without them. Therefore, the protection of mobile phones is becoming more and more important, and even manufacturers have begun to use specific coatings to protect the phones.


The fragile screen of mobile phone

Mobile phones are very fragile. Buying  a screen protector and a strong phone case has become common sense after buying a new phone. Nevertheless, the frequent use of mobile phones leads to the high possibility of damage. An accidental collision or a butterfingers may cause the screen to be severely damaged. In order to fundamentally strengthen the durability of the screen, mobile phone manufacturers began to seek protection from coatings.


CHOOSE not only provides the necessary protection, but also anti-fingerprint effect

CHOOSE NanoTech developed coatings with exclusive Liquid Ceramic Technology (LCT) which can be well applied on mobile phone screens. By forming a transparent protective film on the surface of the mobile phone, coating greatly enhances the hardness of the screen which gives the mobile phone a certain degree of wear resistance and prevent scratches from happening. CHOOSE high-performance coating also allows the screen to achieve anti-fingerprint effect which reduces the frequency of cleaning, and keeps the screen in the best condition.


Choose improves the quality of life

The original intention of CHOOSE NanoTech is to extend the benefits of coating to every corner of our daily life. For that, we continue to research and develop advanced technology to level the standards and create coatings with better protective effect.

CHOOSE aims at protecting things you cherish with our transparent and high performance coatings.


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CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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