Subaru STI collaborates with CHOOSE to outrun others in Japan Super GT

Subaru has partnered with CHOOSE to achieve the best results in competitions. CHOOSE has developed a unique coating technology to support Subaru, the Drag Resistance System Coating (DRS coating), reducing drag coefficient by 5%. With the assistance from CHOOSE, Subaru has been able to maintain its remarkable performance in the motorsports field.  


The Revolutionary 5%: CHOOSE Nanotech’s Coating Reduces Drag 

In motorsports, the victory is often determined by the 0.01 or 0.001 second difference. Therefore, all teams spend an extraordinary amount of money on developing cars for the split-second difference. According to studies, CHOOSE notices that drag occurs due to rough surfaces, leading us to the next question, “What about a smooth surface?” Inspired by the thought, CHOOSE’s lab has come up with our second-to-none motorsport coating, DRS Coating. Tested by NCKU Astrc Wind Tunnel Lab, which was also in charge of testing Taipei 101’s drag coefficient, DRS coating is proven to lessen the impact of drag on race cars. The 5% of drag coefficient reduction has become a turning point in the realm of motorsports.  


Glass coating is also the key to success 

Rainy days are nightmares to motorsports athletes. Not only do cars go into skids more easily, the rain also impacts the sight of the drivers, increasing the possibility of tragic accidents taking place.  To secure visibility, Subaru applies the product of KubeBond, a brand under CHOOSE, to their race cars. The product is GlassShield. The water contact angle on GlassShield is over 125 degrees, meaning our product grants the glass of the car the feature of high-level hydrophobicity. With GlassShield, even when race cars are travelling at high speed in a storm, rain drops automatically move out of way of the drivers and avoid being the reason of car accidents.   


Partnered with Subaru for years and the results are rewarding 

CHOOSE’s motorsport coating reduces drag as if the DRS system of F1 Sports cars were always on, permanently improving the performance of machines. As CHOOSE collaborated with Subaru STI for several years, our products debuted in various motorsports events, paving the path to several championship titles for our client.