With CHOOSE coatings, Bali incineration plant gets the strongest protection

Bali Incineration Plant treats household waste and general industrial waste in Bali District, New Taipei City. The plant incinerates 1,350 tons of waste per day, with the incinerators running 24 hours a day. To maintain burning capacity, the machines run around the clock every day. Cleaning and maintenance are difficult, as shutting down any of the machines would result in a significant drop in capacity. The plant director was struggling to find a quick and easy way to clean the machines so that they could be back in operation soon. He turned to the consultant company and asked if CHOOSE could help with this problem. 


Exhaust gas from waste incineration cause serious corrosion problems 

On the recommendation of the consultant company, the plant director came to us. He told us that the machines to be treated were the bag type dust collectors, the equipment used to treat exhaust gas. The filter bags would  filter and remove most of the suspended particles from the exhaust gas so that it complies with emission limits before being released into the atmosphere. The treatment process produces high acid gas that can corrode the machines in the long run, which leads to cleaning difficulties and even high refurbishment costs. Therefore, the plant director looked to CHOOSE industrial coatings to protect the machines from corrosion.


The high-temperature exhaust gas damages the durability of the coatings 

Before working with us, the plant director had approached many industrial coating manufacturers for possible cooperation. But after testing, he found that the biggest problem with their coatings was not the anti-corrosion effect but the resistance to the superheated exhaust gas. This is not a problem for CHOOSE at all. Our top industrial coatings withstand high temperatures up to 1800 degrees. They will not disintegrate in extremely hot environments and can maintain protective effects even in extreme heat.  


Professionally certified by third-party organizations  

CHOOSE industrial coatings can form an actual film thickness to protect the object. They have been certified by SGS, a third-party inspection organization, and have passed the 1008 hours of salt spray test. But all these are secondary. What’s more important is that we have got customer affirmation and let them see the effect of our products. In this cooperation, the plant director witnessed the excellent anti-corrosion performance of our coatings and their resistance to high-temperature exhausts gas. Besides, he saw how much cleaning work our coatings could save. In the past, the machines had to be shut down for a day for cleaning, but now it takes less than half a day to get the machines back in operation. This has solved the plant director’s long-standing trouble. 


Solving Problems for Our Customers Is What Drives Us to Keep Researching and Developing

CHOOSE has the most professional R&D teams and research facilities. After understanding our customers’ needs, we can provide them with the best products and services. Solving problems for our customers is the fundamental reason why CHOOSE keeps making progress.