CHOOSE is the key of China GT ‘s victory

The champions of China GT have found CHOOSE to help them bring their competitiveness to the next level. They aim to upgrade their race cars to defend their title. CHOOSE’s coating product is water repellent and improves wind resistance of the race cars, not only boosting our client’s competitiveness, but also allowing them to outrun others in a split second. 


CHOOSE is the easiest way to upgrade race cars 

When the champions of China GT are developing their race cars, they have already started to think of any possible upgrades that would allow them to gain the upper hand in competitions. And CHOOSE is their go-to solution. In terms of vehicle aerodynamics, CHOOSE’s unique DRS coating reduces drag by 5%. Almost like cheating, our leading technology speeds up race cars without changing a single part of the hardware, upgrading for clients in the simplest way.  


Better wind resistance and clearer sight 

When team managers knocked on our doors, CHOOSE offered glass coating to our clients, in addition to DRS coating. CHOOSE’s glass coating grants drivers with better visibility. Furthermore, due to the high level of water repellency of the coating, our clients see more clearly than their opponents on rainy days, enabling them to complete laps in a shorter period of time.  


CHOOSE is the reason of the persistent success in China GT 

In motorsports, the victory is often determined by the 0.1 second difference. Therefore, everyone is in pursuit of every detail to outperform other competitors. CHOOSE DRS coating allows our clients to upgrade the race cars comprehensively, and in the realm of aerodynamics to always be one second ahead of the rest.