CHOOSE terminates the chaos inside MRT cars

Have you ever had the experience of rising your eye brows when seeing graffities on the wall and dirty seats as you walk into the car of MRT? With the comprehensive care from CHOOSE, never would graffities or germs land onto any surface inside the car. In addition, CHOOSE offers protection to the exterior of the car, improving its rusting resistance meanwhile achieving the goal of being easy to clean. CHOOSE helps MRT companies save money, and creates a better environment for passengers. 


Germs and graffities equal to endless cleaning marathon 

When MRT companies came to CHOOSE for help, we discovered that the surface of the seats were covered by graffities, and corners of the cars were occupied by stains. As a result, large amounts of effort and time were required to deliver cleaning assignments when the MRT returns from the shift. Sometimes, the stains and graffities were so determined to stay that became an irreversible scar inside the cars.  


CHOOSE lowers costs and improves efficiency 






CHOOSE owns 12 leading technologies and has created unique coating materials.

Inside the cars, CHOOSE’s transparent coating product is not only easy to clean but also anti-graffiti. Furthermore, our product fights off bacteria, curbing infection inside the MRT. For the exterior of the cars, CHOOSE helps improve rusting and weather resistance, enabling MRTs to withstand extreme conditions and maintaining the appearance of the train as if it just started to operate.  


Safeguarding a single car to protecting millions of people

Assisting in setting up protection for all means of transportation, CHOOSE hopes to provide the same for everyone in the city. Let CHOOSE leverage our advantages to be the shield for all.