CHOOSE Nanotech relieves the burden of high speed rail staff

As tourists squeeze through the gates of a nation gifted with cultural and natural spectacles, high speed rails become crowded with more passengers. This makes it difficult for maintenance and cleaning of the cars. Therefore, high speed rail companies come to CHOOSE for assistance in solving the problem. CHOOSE’s products turn the difficult cleaning assignment into a piece of cake. On top of that, we prevent tourists from damaging the image of our client’s nation.  


Heavier workload makes stains harder to remove

In a country that has a prospering travel industry, public transportation is often an important factor that affects tourists’ first impression on the image of the nation. Among all means of transportation, the high speed rail walks into the center of the spotlight due to its convenience. Unfortunately, high speed rail companies find it strenuous to keep their cars clean to impress tourists. As the number of tourists increases, workload becomes heavier and results in more shifts. Severely stained and damaged due to excessive shifts, a car that started to operate one year ago looks like another that has already run for five years. Concerned about the impressions of tourists, companies collaborate with CHOOSE for solutions. With our advanced technology, including RBT, LCT and CST, CHOOSE offers anti-stain protection for both interior and exterior, keeping the high speed rail as well as the brand of a nation bright and shiny.   


Anti-stain for the exterior, Anti-graffiti for the interior 

The exterior of a car requires anti-stain. How about the interior? Aside from stains left due to touching and spilled drinks, the interior of the cars also need to deal with  graffiti. Normally, if cleaned right away, most stains would be removed without sweating over. However, cleaning assignments can only be executed at the end of the day for public transportation like high speed rails and trains. Stains have already “clung” onto the walls and floor of the car when the shift ends. Focusing on this situation, CHOOSE has developed anti-stain and also anti-graffiti coating, preventing stains to dwell inside the cars after the shift of the day. 


CHOOSE keeps the cars brand new 

With leading technologies, CHOOSE has developed special coatings focusing on public transportation. We provide the solution for countries that profit from the travel industry. Hitting two birds with one stone, CHOOSE lowers the cost of cleaning and maintenance, helps nations win the reputation they deserve, and, most importantly, satisfies the needs of our clients.