No more messing up! CHOOSE Nanotech tidies up metro stations

Have you ever felt like walking into a mess when you step into an oversea metro station? The metro companies are well aware of this situation. However, due to high level of costs, labor and time, companies are unable to execute cleaning assignments in time to prevent stains from staying there forever. To fix the problem, metro companies come to CHOOSE Nanotech. We have developed a unique public transportation coating with our leading technology, and CHOOSE has helped our clients tidy up metro stations. 


CHOOSE’s coating cleans metro stations


Foreign metro stations don’t have strict regulations compared to those in Taiwan. Therefore, teenagers or street artists would “create artworks” in stations, leaving stains on the walls. Also, drunk people often throw up inside metro stations. In this environment, people can not admire the beauty of it and also can not put down the hand which is pinching the nose. This is a scene that few Taiwanese know about. To get out of the mess, metro companies have collaborated with CHOOSE. After applying our product to the environment in metro stations, not only are the walls easier to clean, but also possess anti-graffiti features. CHOOSE helps our clients complete cleaning tasks with the minimum cost, but maximum effect. 

Anti-graffiti and corrosion resistant


In addition to other people’s “artworks”, metro stations also need to deal with the mess made by drunk people. Often do drunkies see every corner in stations as a public toilet to puke in. Therefore, metro stations seeks for protection that are not only anti-stain but also corrosion resistant. Corrosive chemical substances exist in human excrement. If not cleaned immediately, the result may be irreversible damage to the environment inside the station. CHOOSE’s coating material is the ideal solution to this problem. Our anti-stain product allows station staff members to remove stains easily, and safeguards substrates, keeping damages at bay. 

CHOOSE is the shield of your everyday transportation


Millions of passengers commute with the metro station every day, making it more difficult to deliver cleaning assignments. With CHOOSE’s assistance, however, not only is the quality of the metro stations improved, metro companies can save large amounts of time and money. CHOOSE creates a win-win situation for everyone.