Applying ceramic strengths, CHOOSE offers the most comprehensive protection

Ceramics is such a commonly used material in human society due to its strengths, including hard, stain-resistance, high wear resistance and easy to clean. Countless objects are made of ceramics, from plates and dishes on dining tables, to toilets and tubs in bathrooms. Meanwhile, CHOOSE is able to utilize the advantages of ceramics and develop our own leading technology, Liquid Ceramic Technology (LCT), which is recognized and trusted internationally.


Things become Easier to clean after application

Coatings withstand damages from heat and corrosion

CHOOSE’s LCT technology transcends limits of traditional coatings, liquefying ceramics but still keeping the advantages of the material. Benefiting from ceramics’ outstanding features like high acids, bases, and heat (1000~1600 Celsius) resistance, CHOOSE is able to provide service for all industries. With LCT, precious items receive more comprehensive protection, meanwhile easy to clean and heat resistant. 


The adhesion of the coating is improved to secure lasting protective effect

What CHOOSE’s LCT has achieved is more than upgrading protection, by combining LCT with RBT, our coating material is able to react with water molecules in the air to form three-dimensional crystallization. This reaction strengthens the bond between the coating material and the surface of the protected substrate. For example, CHOOSE’s leading technology enables coating materials to establish strong but transparent layers of protection on stainless steel walls of elevators. Not only is the hardness of the substrates improved after coating application, wear resistance is also enhanced by our product. By improving the adhesion of our coating, CHOOSE offers lasting protection to our clients.


Certified domestically and internationally, CHOOSE’s coating is praised as well as guaranteed

On top of everything, CHOOSE values safety the most. The coating materials we developed are certified by SGS and EU REACH. It is proven that CHOOSE’s protective coating remains effective when exposed to corrosive substances or heated environment, and does not dissolve into toxic substances.


CHOOSE, your customized coating solution

We have spared no effort to evolve in the coating industry for our clients. We redefine the value of protective coating that is brought to our clients, because we believe no more sacrifices are needed to perfect the effectiveness of coating. We hope that what CHOOSE offers can be the realization of our clients’ imagination. 


With all the hype lingering in the industry, various coating products have emerged in the market. While most products stay protective in the beginning, the coating falls off after two to three months. This is because the coating’s level of adhesion isn’t good enough. However, that’s not the case for CHOOSE Nanotech, because after years of research and development, our bonding technology has reached the next level, leading the whole coating industry.   


The root for permanent coating: CHOOSE Nanotech’s RBT

CHOOSE Nanotech’s Revolution Bonding Technology, RBT, allows us to prolong the effectiveness of our coating. With RBT, CHOOSE’s coating reacts with water molecules in the air, perfecting the bond between the coating itself and the substrate. Forming three-dimensional crystallization and generating high level of bonding energy, CHOOSE’s RBT provides permanent protection for substrates.


The answer to glassy surfaces of substrates

As CHOOSE’s coating works so effectively that even surfaces of high-density glass bonds perfectly with it, we are able to break through traditional barriers and deliver more for our clients. Our technology expands the range of protection that coating offers: it supports glass that needs to be resistant to different temperature and humidity; meanwhile, it also prevents people from leaving fingerprints on mirror stainless steels. Furthermore, CHOOSES’s coating technology keeps precious items in their best shape, because it enhances the item’s wear resistance.


RBT adds weather and wear resistance to substrates

Our coating’s high level of adhesion gives CHOOSE Nanotech the edge in offering weather resistant products.  RBT is capable of safeguarding the surface of outdoor items, like the floor of a balcony and the exterior of a car. In fact, Subaru, the famous automotive manufacturer, decided to use CHOOSE Nanotech’s coating on their race cars, due to the advantages that were laid out. Under the protection, the cars remained stainless and were easier to clean. Subaru also helped prove that our company’s product improved the race car’s wind resistance, at the same time offering quality protection to substrates.



CHOOSE Nanotech is Best Problem Solver for Maintenance

CHOOSE Nanotech focuses on not only high-performance protection, but also a sustainable one. We aim to become the real problem-solver for our clients. 

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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