Innovative application of Chemical strengthening technology, upgrading coating protection


Glass is one of the most commonly seen materials in our everyday life. It has become more popular since the invention of tempered glass, which overcame the apparent weakness of being fragile. Aware of glass’s attributes and strengths, CHOOSE Nanotech has developed technology related to tempered glass. With the result of innovative chemical strengthening technology (CST), CHOOSE has succeeded in applying glass’s superiorities to revolutionary protective coatings.


8 times harder and keeps the same appearance

Toughening glass requires heating or chemical treatments. Heating treatments strengthen glass by five times. Glass is placed in a heated environment, meanwhile cooling the surface of the glass. This process puts the exterior of the glass in compression but interior in tension, leading to small granular pieces when shattered, rather than dangerous, pointy and edgy shards. On the other hand, chemical treatments strengthen glass by six to eight times. With chemical treatments, glass goes through structural changes and thus strengthened due to swapping ions. In contrast to heating treatments, though also placed in a heated environment, glass does not experience extreme temperature changes in chemical treatments, and therefore no deformation occurs and glass’s appearance remains the same.


With strengthened ionic bonds, CHOOSE coating offers longer and more effective protection

With the foundation laid by glass tempering technology, CHOOSE Nanotech has developed an innovative coating material. Aside from achieving goals like anti-stain and easy to clean, CHOOSE coating allows ionic bonds to react with the surface of substrates in room temperature, rather than the heated environment that tempering treatments require. CHOOSE’s product not only increases the hardness of substrates, but also grants the protected surface with wear resistance, effectively avoiding possible scratches. Furthermore, the protection layer formed by ionic bonds has a high level of adhesion, meaning the protective effect remains intact regardless of weather conditions. CHOOSE is proactively promoting this leading technology in the vehicle coating industry and areas that are vulnerable to environmental factors, such as outdoor installation arts, stone floors on balconies, etc. 


In pursuit of more comprehensive protection, CHOOSE takes another step further

A decade ago, CHOOSE helped the vehicle coating industry rise to a recognizable level, by giving every material a suitable coating product. Today, CHOOSE takes another step further. To reach the next peak, we want our car lovers to enjoy better coating products, which strengthen and add wear resistance to the precious machines. 

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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