Pencil hardness test​

So many coatings, so much confusion

The world of automotive coating can be tricky, with hundreds of brands all claiming to be the number one. While in the past there was no specific definition for coating hardness, nowadays there is even more confusion with numerous brands claiming to have coatings with excessive levels of hardness. Luckily, the pencil hardness test, based on the varying hardness values of graphite pencils, going from H(softer) up to 9H(harder), sets the standard to evaluate a coating’s hardness. The pencil hardness tester is a tool on wheels where a pencil of known hardness is held at a 45° angle and moves across a coated surface at 1mm/s while applying a known pressure (7.5N /1.68lbf / 750g).

CHOOSE is always one step ahead

Long before big tech giants like Apple started using the hardness test to determine the degree of hardness of their smartphone glass, CHOOSE NanoTech had already successfully passed the 9H hardness test. This granted our ceramic coatings a significant advantage over other competitors, and let us gain the trust of numerous customers around the world. But how did this happen? CHOOSE NanoTech was the first coating producer to obtain an SGS hardness test report, which determined once for all our veracity, and ensured that the unique features of our coatings would be officialized.

What “REAL” 9H coatings means

CHOOSE Nanotech’s long time experience in the industrial coating field, the implementation of unique technologies, and finally the SGS certified 9H hardness make the perfect combo for our protective coatings.  Our 9H ceramic coating turns from a transparent liquid into a transparent 9H hardness ceramic film when applied on surfaces. This protective layer prevents the substrate from contacting the environment, and other than the above mentioned hardness, it also provides wear resistance, hydrophobic effect, and UV resistance just to name a few. Today, CHOOSE NanoTech’s winning formula can be found in both of its sub brands: KubeBond automotive coating, and CeraLiv home coating.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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