CHOOSE assists the stability of geothermal energy

With the environment protection topic gaining more attention, Taiwan, which is located in a seismic zone, has also explored the possibility of geothermal power generation. According to the preliminary assessment results of Taiwan’s geothermal resources (ITRI, 1994), there are 26 areas with potential for geothermal development in Taiwan, with reserves of approximately 1,000 megawatts of electricity. Among them is the Datun volcanic area which possesses an estimated half of the reserve. Unfortunately, at that time the protection solutions weren’t enough. The acidity of the hydrothermal fluid of the volcanic geothermal system was too high, which made it impossible for its sources to be exploited.


Protection is the key to produce energy

Geothermal energy not only must avoid acidic substances that lead to pipeline corrosion, but also the dirt residue in the pipeline caused by geothermal water. This will decrease power generation capacity year by year, and result in loss of benefits. Therefore, in order to balance the cost and benefit of producing energy, the government always avoided looking for geothermal energy in proximity to volcanic areas. This is a contradiction: volcanic areas are naturally geothermal and power generation can be easily achieved. However, the equipment that we use to generate power lacks proper protection.



CHOOSE provides comprehensive protection for pipeline


 CHOOSE NanoTech never participated in the development of the geothermal energy process. However, we have cooperated with NTOU(National Taiwan Ocean University) to solve the corrosion problems of pipe walls in hot spring areas and the problem of pipeline blockage caused by internal scale crystallization. The result is quite impressive. With CHOOSE’s coating not only the exteriors of the pipeline can resist acidic substances, also the lifespan of the latter is extended, and the interiors accumulation of limescale is prevented. This ensures the pipe’s fluency for a longer time. Given that hotspring and volcanic environments are similar, if CHOOSE coatings are used in the geothermal energy generation, strong protection can still be achieved.


With CHOOSE coating geothermal energy becomes a reality


CHOOSE continues to improve coating protection in every possible aspect, providing every industry the needed protection, especially for the development of renewable resources. At present, due to the problem of how to overcome pipeline protection, geothermal power generation is very small. Looking forward to CHOOSE future protection, so that Taiwan’s abundant geothermal resources can be transformed into usable electricity.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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