CHOOSE helps to reduce the cost of wind energy

 What is the most abundant resource on earth? The answer might be surprising: wind energy. In fact, wind can provide unlimited energy all year round which makes it a very suitable and stable source of power. However, there are pros and cons. Wind turbines have to be put in harsh environments. They are often close to the sea in order to encounter strong winds. Other than salt, air, high temperature and sun exposure attack, maintenance is also a big problem. That’s why wind turbines need CHOOSE protection.


How to avoid corrosion from sea breeze?

The generation of wind is mainly caused by the different pressure of the atmosphere in regions. The main factor that affects the air pressure is the temperature difference near the ocean boundaries. Due to the different specific heats of land and seawater, there will be significant differences in temperature during heating/cooling. This is why most wind turbines are installed close to the sea, or even directly on the sea. However, the maintenance cost of offshore wind turbines is very considerable; as long as there is any damage, it will be necessary to dispatch a variety of different ships to perform maintenance operations. The most prone damage to the sea is rusting.


CHOOSE ceramic coating prevents rust

In order to solve the dilemmas faced by renewable energies, CHOOSE NanoTech has developed strong weather resistance coatings. The unique LCT technology allows CHOOSE to apply the excellent properties of ceramic to our coating. After drying, the substrate will be provided with a transparent nano ceramic film. It prevents dirt from sticking to the surface, and ensures the wind turbine’s regular functioning. Furthermore, it solves the rusting problem, greatly reducing the cost of maintenance. Moreover, CHOOSE protection lasts up to 10 years, almost half of the service life of the wind turbine. This high performance and long lasting protection ensures the balance between energy production efficiency and cost, expanding the usage of renewable energies.


CHOOSE always supports renewable energies

As a leading company in the coating industry, CHOOSE NanoTech has seen the harm caused by petrochemical energy to the air, as well as the dangers that nuclear energy poses to society. This strengthens our determination to support renewable energy. We hope that through CHOOSE protection renewable energy becomes the main source of energy production.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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