Get rid of annoying stains with CHOOSE anti-stain coating

Stain is one of the most annoying nuisances in our lives. To solve the inconvenience caused by stains, CHOOSE has developed an industry-leading liquid ceramic coating. We successfully applied ceramic technology with many excellent properties to various fields. In addition to retaining the original hardness of ceramic, we also extended its stain-resistant durability.


Choose CHOOSE NanoTech to get the most comprehensive protection. Our ceramic coating forms a thick, transparent protective layer on the surface of the substrate, preventing stains from touching and remaining on it. In addition, our coating has high hardness and strong adhesion, which not only improves the anti-friction property but also extends the protection effect and the service life of the object.



Widely Used in Various Fields to Protect Your Valuables from Stains and Save Cleaning Costs


From the small purses we carry around, to the cars we use every day,and the environment we live in, cleanliness has always been an important indicator of our lifestyle. But stains are everywhere, affecting our lives in every way. An expensive leather bag loses its original value because of a tiny stain. An exquisite marble dining table loses its original beauty because of color differences caused by food and drink. A building’s facade requires cleaning and maintenance because of stains or repainting if its paintwork is damaged. But with CHOOSE anti-stain coating, you get the best protection for what you hold dear and save on cleaning costs.


Case1: Better Stain Resistance Protection for Hsuehshan Tunnel

CHOOSE anti-stain coating has two main applications: paint and stone. As for paint, the most famous case is the Hsuehshan Tunnel. Due to the high temperature and humidity in the tunnel and the exhaust fumes from the vehicles, the painted surfaces are not easy to maintain. It causes the Freeway Bureau to spend a lot of money on repainting every year. After CHOOSE coated them with anti-stain coating, the tunnel surfaces are now sealed tightly and have excellent stain resistance. Although exhaust fumes still darken its walls, a simple regular cleaning will restore the walls to their best condition.


Case 2: Better Stain Resistance Solutions for a Famous Marble Factory


As for stone, CHOOSE has a close relationship with ChenHow Marble, one of the most famous marble companies in Taiwan. Stone companies usually use resin coating to protect marble tabletops. However, the resin film layer is very thick and destroys the original marble grain. In contrast, CHOOSE anti-stain coating forms a thin nano-ceramic layer. The consumer does NOT feel the protective layer on top, but the protective effect does exist. It completely avoids the problem of the color difference caused by spilling food and drinks on the marble table, as well as the problem of children scribbling on the table and not being able to wipe it off.


CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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