CHOOSE NanoTech takes care of the damage brought by fingerprints

No two fingerprints are the same, not even on identical twins. As a result, people of the past used their fingerprints to sign important documents, and modern people use them to unlock devices like iPhones. But chemicals released from sweat pores can be a nightmare for home decor and furniture. These chemicals, even in trace amounts, cause severe corrosion to metals, especially stainless steel. To fundamentally solve the problem, CHOOSE NanoTech has developed industrial-leading Liquid Ceramic Technology that provides fingerprint resistance to the substrate through transparent nano coatings.



Fingerprints Easily Stick on Mirror Stainless Steel


Removing fingerprints is certainly not a difficult task. But the trouble with fingerprints is that they are almost everywhere. One unintentional touch and the just cleaned area may require another cleaning. It leads to high cleaning costs and excessive cleaning, causing tiny scratches on the object. Scratches permanently affect the appearance of the object and cause dirt to accumulate easily, increasing the chance of corrosion.



CHOOSE Prevents Fingerprints from Touching the Substrate Surface


CHOOSE NanoTech has successfully applied ceramic technology to the field of coating. Taking advantage of the excellent properties of our liquid ceramic technology’s transparency and hardness, we give the best possible protection to the object without affecting its original appearance. The transparent protective layer formed on the surface prevents fingerprints or other stains from coming into direct contact with the item, so fingerprints are less likely to stick on.


Better Protection for Linkou Commercial Office Building

Linkou Commercial Office Building is very serious about maintaining a clean environment. The stainless-steel elevators, which are easily covered with fingerprints, are a critical cleaning area. However, if the elevators are to be kept tidy, they need to be cleaned frequently. This is a great time and labor cost expense. Therefore, the building administration turned to CHOOSE for help. Our coating provides excellent protection and easily blocks annoying fingerprints, grease, and even marker ink. It successfully reduces cleaning time by more than half.



Get the Protection You Need with CHOOSE NanoTech Coatings


CHOOSE NanoTech coating provides substrates with fingerprint and acid/alkaline resistance, so there is no need to worry about acidic or alkaline cleaners damaging the items. In addition, the coating’s high hardness and strong adhesion properties make it resistant to scratches, extending the protective effect and the life of the object.


CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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