CHOOSE develops coatings against extreme weather

The sun is shining, the sea breeze is blowing, and you’ve spent a happy day at the beach. But when you get home, you find your hair sticky and sand and sea salt covering every inch of your body. All of these discourage you from the next outdoor activity. Have you ever thought that objects placed outdoors also are subject to environmental conditions and need proper protection? CHOOSE has developed weather-resistant coatings to help you block all the damage of the outdoor environment.


Outdoor Items Are Left Alone to Withstand the Nature’s Hardships


Objects placed outdoors inevitably encounter various types of dirt such as dust, bird droppings, graffiti, etc. In addition, the outdoor environment increases the chance of corrosion, making it difficult for objects to maintain their original appearance. The weather in Taiwan is changeable. Harsh sunlight may discolor the surface, and acid rain may cause corrosion, resulting in irreversible damage.


In a Sea-Salt Environment, the Life Span of the Objects Will Greatly Reduce


Living by the sea allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, sea salt is very harmful to all kinds of objects. It easily damages various metal products and even causes the soles of shoes to fall off. Not to mention the cars parked outdoors. The exterior steel plates can corrode, and the interior engines can hardly withstand the high salt environment. This not only affects the appearance but also threatens driving safety.


Third-Party Tested, CHOOSE Coating Provides More Protection Than You Can Imagine


CHOOSE’s weather-resistant coating has passed the SGS test, proving it withstands long periods of sun exposure without being affected. Traditional coatings become discolored and brittle when exposed to UV rays, but our coatings do not have these problems. In addition, CHOOSE’s coating technology produces a film thickness that fundamentally blocks the dirt and sea salt from attacking. It prevents dirt from adhering to the surface and the sea breeze from damaging the object. As a result, your beloved items will remain beautiful and have a longer service life.


Southern Taiwan Science Park Uses CHOOSE Coating to Give Outdoor Installation Artworks Self-Cleaning Effect


CHOOSE’s Revolutionary Bonding Technology keeps the coating from peeling off the surface of the substrate, even in Taiwan’s intense climate. This increases scratch resistance and even takes advantage of Taiwan’s rainy climate to achieve a self-cleaning effect, washing away surface stains. Take the installation artworks at the Southern Taiwan Science Park as an example. After the artworks are coated with CHOOSE weather-resistant ceramic coating, the damage caused by dust and rust and the maintenance cost are greatly reduced.


Choose Our Coatings to Withstand the Hazards of Extreme Weather


CHOOSE is committed to using our coating knowledge to meet the public’s protection needs and make the world a more convenient and better place. We develop reliable weather-resistant coatings so that you can easily maintain the beauty and extend the life of your items at a minimal cost.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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