CHOOSE NanoTech gives STONE revolutionary protection!

The stones that we see on a daily basis are actually the result of hundreds millions of years of collision, extrusion, and quenching process. They are hard, versatile and unique. However, the vast majority of stones are difficult to maintain. Liquids, oil, food are all able to cause a certain degree of damage and bring stains annoyance. Not to mention the marble artworks that are exposed to the sun and rain. This is why CHOOSE NanoTech put efforts in research and development to create the best protection for stones.

Maintaining the original appearance while giving anti-stain property


CHOOSE NanoTech developed a high performance transparent coating that forms a dense protective layer on the stone surface, preventing it from contact with damaging objects. Our coating effectively blocks water and oil stains from adhering and penetrating into the stone, and makes the surface easy to clean. Moreover, the protective layer will not affect the original touch feeling and appearance of the stone.



Strong weather resistance certified by third-party organization



CHOOSE coatings possess strong weather resistance. They will produce an actual film thickness on the surface of the object that allows the substrate to resist the contact of dirt, and maintain its best condition.


After years of research and development, CHOOSE has also overcome the discoloration problem after long term exposure to UV light, providing protection while staying transparent overtime. Through the 1008-hours salt spray test operated by third-party organization SGS, CHOOSE coatings protection was proven effective up to 10 years in a natural exposure environment.



Choose helps CHI-MEI MUSEUM maintain its marble sculptures


In addition to protecting the stones in the house, CHOOSE is also confident in outdoor large scale sculptures protection. For example, the popular attraction sites “Apollo Fountain” and “Olympus Statue Bridge” outside the Chi-Mei museum are all protected with CHOOSE NanoTech high performance transparent coating which prevents the damages of long term exposure to sun, acid rains, and strong winds.


Moreover, what makes CHOOSE coating even more appreciated is that it takes advantage of Taiwan’s rainy weather to give outdoor sculptures a certain self-cleaning effect which greatly cuts the maintenance costs.



CHOOSE passes the strictest safety certification in the world.


CHOOSE values your health seriously. Our coatings are all certified by the EU REACH which is the strictest safety regulation in the world that ensures the coatings are completely non-toxic and harmless for the environment and human body. We pursue the best protection in the world without sacrificing health and safety.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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