Coating is definitely able to improve the quality of our life. The best-known application is in the car detailing industry, but it actually influences us in various ways such as industrial applications that extend the service life of industrial machinery. CHOOSE NanoTech also realizes that some precious home building materials which come with serious stains problems are even more expensive than industrial machinery. 


Therefore, the industrial, automotive, and home building materials all need the protection of coatings. But first, let us start with the application time. When it comes to coating application time, it has a lot about the drying time of the coating, and we are going to explain as below.




Industrial coating

Automotive coating

Residential coating

Drying time

With heating equipment,

it can dry in a minute

With heating equipment, it can dry in 30 minutes

Under normal conditions, 8 hours for surface dry and 3 days for complete dry

Application time

Depending on the surface dimension

With good conditions,

the coating can be finished in 8 hours

Bathroom coatings and kitchen coating normally can be done in 2 hours

Coating effect

Water-proof and antifouling,

resistant to strong acid and alkali, high temperature resistance

Stain-resistant and wear-resistant,

weather resistant, drag reduction

Water-resistant and stain-resistant, wear-resistant, weak acid and alkali resistance


10 + years

3 + years

2 + years




The biggest difference between CHOOSE coatings and others is that our coatings still achieve strong protective effects even in room temperature drying conditions. Through high-temperature heating, the time required for drying can be greatly shortened, allowing industrial machinery to quickly return to working conditions. 


The exclusive technologies developed by CHOOSE effectively extend the protection period of the coating, and provide more than 10 years of lasting protection for industrial machinery.    


  1. High acids and alkali: industrial machinery cleaning process requires the                                           usage of high acid or alkali’s detergents. This process will inevitably cause the release of toxic substances. It might also cause malfunctions, affecting the production line. CHOOSE coatings hence are important to provide powerful protection against acids and alkalis that stop them from corroding the surfaces.


  2. High temperatures: The processing of raw materials often needs to be carried out at extremely high temperatures, and this harsh environment will cause indelible damage to the machinery and affect the service life. CHOOSE’s high-temperature resistant coating withstands heat up to 1800 degrees celsius, so that the machine operates normally in a high-temperature environment.



Regarding automotive coating drying time, with the heating equipment, CHOOSE products dry completely in less than half an hour. The total completion of the coating process can be executed in around 8 hours (depending on the condition of the car), reducing the impact on the owner’s daily schedule. 


The risk of wear marks on the surface is high for cars which are always on the road, but thanks to CHOOSE Revolutionary Bonding Technology (RBT), the surface is given an extra wear resistance which lasts for up to 3 years in normal conditions.


Automotive FAQ:

  1. Car panel: In 99% cases, the most needed protection for car panels is the ability to resist dirt and wear. A car will continue to “hit” dust while moving forward, which will cause slight scratches on the surface.

    CHOOSE coatings not only form a protective layer to prevent the direct contact from the dust, but also increase a certain degree of hardness to resist friction. In addition, it has been confirmed by third party experiments that CHOOSE coating even has a drag reduction effect.


  2. Automotive interiors: For absorbent leather seats, the most feared factor is liquid penetration; especially drinks that contain milk will gradually cause a bad smell. Therefore, CHOOSE developed coatings specific for high-absorbing materials which provide the interiors with a waterproof and antibacterial effect.




Due to the fact that CHOOSE coatings are able to dry completely under room temperature and still provide great protection, they are perfect to apply on home building materials as well. 


In common weather conditions, it takes 8 hours for surfaces to dry, and the application time lasts from 2 to 4 hours (depending on the dimension). As for coating durability, the protective effect lasts for more than 2 years.


Residential coating FAQ:


  1. Water-resistance and easy to clean:  Delicate marble, natural wood, or valuable textile: they all fear liquids. Because of these materials’ unique characteristics, when the liquid contacts the surface, it will cause irreparable dyeing problems.

    CHOOSE coatings maintain the material’s original characteristics while providing the surfaces with a strong water-repellent effect, solving the dyeing problem, and also reducing the cleaning efforts.


  2. Anti-stain and wear-resistant: For frequently used kitchens and bathrooms, the most common problems are greasy stains and limescale. This dirt worsens day after day, ultimately becoming hard to remove. In order to remove it, physical efforts and the usage of acid detergent will be required.

    However,  the continuous scrubbing causes slight scratches on the surface which facilitates the forming of stains. CHOOSE coatings form a transparent protective layer which stops limescale and grease stains from penetrating the surface and thanks to its high-hardness, cleaning won’t cause damages anymore.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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