UV test

The aging test content mainly includes UV resistance test, thermal shock test, and humidity aging test. The above test data provides our basis for evaluating product durability and weather resistance. Through third-party SGS certification, it proves that our product durability is absolutely trustworthy.


The damages of an invisible enemy

It is quite common for objects to experience alterations during the years. Yellowing or discoloration,loss of gloss, cracking, brittleness, loss of structural integrity, oxidation  and general deterioration can be seen on many objects like cars’ plastic parts, especially instrument panels. UV is the main responsible behind this phenomenon. 


Specific tests to improve quality

To combat this invisible enemy, CHOOSENanoTech, which possesses its own testing laboratory,  performed the UV resistance test to simulate the impact that UV rays have on coatings over a long period of time. The test was conducted by using fluorescent UV light sources for 3000 continuous hours to simulate exposure to natural sunlight, and it was a success as the coating showed no malfunction or physical deformation.


Wise investments always pay off

CHOOSE invests a lot of resources in testing, to ensure that the best quality is delivered to our customers. Among all the features that our coatings offer, the most notable that stands out from the UV test is the fact that our coatings don’t change in color even after years of exposure to UV rays and other environmental factors. With all this being said, customers have now one more reason to CHOOSE us.

CHOOSE provides great protection for the things you cherish by our transparent ceramic coatings.

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