Industrial Soulution

  • CHOOSE NanoTech specializes in manufacturing high performance coatings for industries for years Since 2010, CHOOSE starts to have it's own brand - CHOOSE NanoTech - to develop high performance coating for consumer market.

Hazardous environments and equipment.

Parallel to the population growth, the global energy requirement will raise as well as greenhouse gas emission problem. Compare to traditional energy productions, renewable energy is clean and naturally replenished energy resources, however these facilities still require persistent maintenance, and they have to endure harsh challenges of the earth. Nature corrosions causes tidal energy, hydropower, and geothermal power generator, while wind power and solar power systems damages by weathering and particles. That we know the major cost of renewable energy is upon the maintenance and readiness.

Practical counter measure

DuralBond will form a thin transparent glass layer on the substrate when it cured. This layer working temperature is up to 750 Celsius and invulnerable to acid and saline, no matter turbine generator in the ocean or generator in geothermal acidic environment, all benefit from the absolute protection. Consider of the climate is like all the outdoor applications, the solution isolated the substrate and keep it corrosion-free. Our cases proven solution will not affect the overalloutput efficiency of the solar panel, together with the hydrophobic effect, the self-cleaning capability can keep the solar power system in best condition.

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