Industrial Soulution

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Diverse and Complicated Industries

Aviation and maritime implementations occur in various fields, including indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from hulls, interiors, exteriors and engineering materials. These are different from buildings, for instance, because they take on other roles, such as transportation, utilities, living. They are complicated industries, and the maintenance in is an enormous undertaking.

An aircraft’s fuselage needs to be routinely maintenance. It has become a very specialized field, since day-to-day needs include cleaning the jet engine emission residue or bird strike residue on the fuselage’s surface, and other effects caused by weathering. Underwater fouling presents a big issue to the maintenance of ships and boat. On top of looking ugly, they cause unwanted fuel consumption due to drag. If not remedied in a timely manner the ship’s hull can sustain great damage.



Bio friendly solution

DuralBond will form a transparent glass-like layer on the substrate, which decreases the surface energy greatly, so that marine organisms cannot stick to the surface. It also makes stains and residues easier to remove from the surface. Both a ship’s hull and a fuselage could benefit from such properties.

For the last fifty years, Tributyltin, TBT, has been considered the best anti-fouling paint in underwater conditions. With the help of scientists’ monitoring and researching efforts, we now learned that, the highly toxic TBT severely contaminates the global marine biology. It has now been banned for use at Rotterdam convention of the International Maritime Organization in 2008.


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