Industrial Soulution

  • CHOOSE NanoTech specializes in manufacturing high performance coatings for industries for years Since 2010, CHOOSE starts to have it's own brand - CHOOSE NanoTech - to develop high performance coating for consumer market.

Climate, Saline and Industrial Emmision

The construction industry and city infrastructures are the backbone of society and economy. They provide us with shelter and make communication more efficient. However, they are exposed daily to sunlight and weathering. Furthermore, acid rain can cause additional damages on walls, metal, or even stainless steel. All of this leads to an unavoidable maintenance cost.

New Path

DuralBond can provide wall and metal parts that come with the full spectrum of protection, in keeping the substrate from coming in contact with air and moisture. This effectively prevents corrosion.
Regardless of the amount of salinity in coastal areas or industrial districts, DuralBond ensures that the substrate always keeps its best condition. Paired with the tough hydrophobic effect, it also enables a self-cleaning effect, and only one shower of rain will remove all stains.

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