Advanced Technology

  • CHOOSE NanoTech specializes in manufacturing high performance coatings for industries for years Since 2010, CHOOSE starts to have it's own brand - CHOOSE NanoTech - to develop high performance coating for consumer market.

RBT - Revolution Bonding Technology

There are some solutions providing hydrophobic effect and surface protection, but soon they will be wear off due to lack of bonding strength, once they worn off from the surface, as the result, the substrate lost the protect that it should have, like a tree without tree bark.

Revolution Bonding Technology provides superior coating bonding strength, this bonding strength is not simply physical viscosity, but through chemical bonding between moisture in the air, liquid glass and the material of substrate, forming up cubic matrix structure during the curing process, it will tied up with surface permanently and the bonding strength is so high that even the smooth, glossy glass surface can be banded together.

This bonding strength will not decay and wear off in time, like the Tatoo, with this technology, CHOOSE NanoTech coating solution provide the substrate ultimate protection permanently.